Christina with her 7-month-old son Theodor

Our tester Christina and her 7-month-old son, Theodor, tested the tights, kneepads, socks and gloves from GoBabyGo.

Christina reports: "GoBabyGo is a Danish company that specializes in the production of clothes for children to improve the motor skills and balance of the child. All GoBabyGo products have been tested and approved to not contain any harmful material.

In our household, it is important to us that the clothes our children wear are both of high quality and have been tested for any chemicals."

GoBabyGo non-slip socks  GoBabyGo finger gloves in cotton

In addition, GoBabyGo products are available in many beautiful colors, so that they fit into the wardrobe of the vast majority of children.

GoBabyGo non-slip socks

Theodore had very good motor skills from the beginning, but GoBabyGo has made a big difference to support him in his further development. When Theodore was 5 months old he started crawling and quickly picked up the speed when he put on his socks from GoBabyGo. 

GoBabyGo's socks have pads on both sides. The non-slip underside was quickly an advantage when Theodor suddenly began to get up on the highchair. This was mainly to the delight of Theodore, who now stood up several times during a meal and then sat down again.

The non-slip pads help the child to be in the right crawling position, so that the feet do not slip away. 

GoBabyGo also produces tights that have both non-slip pads on the top and bottom of the pants. Theodor was pretty much always wearing them when they weren't in the washing machine. GoBabyGo products do not lose color, shape or function after being washed. This is important for a woman like me who washes several times a week.

Several times, while Theodor has worn his tights, he stood up with the help of a stair step, windowsills etc. I am deeply impressed that GoBabyGo’s products can help a child so quickly and thus stimulate their motor skills.

Unfortunately, we haven't had the time to test the grip gloves yet, as Theodor is not quite big enough to wear these kinds of gloves. But they will certainly be kept safe until he can fit info them. My immediate impression of the gloves is that we will really love them.

My ratings for the GoBabyGo products are:

Usability: VERY GOOD – Theodor has enjoyed the products so much and developed much faster than other children his age. I'm sure GoBabyGo's non-slip stocks and tights made a big contribution to this.  

Durability/quality: VERY GOOD – The products retain their fit and color even after several times in the wash. The non-slip pads also don't fall off or lose their function, which always makes the products work well, whether they are brand new or have been used for a while.

Quality: VERY GOOD – I am impressed that you can get such an excellent quality that is tested and approved for chemicals at this price. As already mentioned, durability and quality are first class. We are huge fans.

Price: VERY GOOD – Overall, I was very impressed by the products from GoBabyGo. In fact, so impressed that I have already ordered several products for Theodor's start in kindergarten. I am pleased that there are such good products that stimulate the motor skills, balance and senses of the child while still being inexpensive.  

GoBabyGo gets my best recommendations!

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