Wool Crawling Tights - Brown MelangeWool Crawling Tights - Brown Melange

Wool Crawling Tights

Brown Melange
Wool Crawling Tights - SandWool Crawling Tights - Sand
Wool Crawling Tights - Forest GreenWool Crawling Tights - Forest Green

Wool Crawling Tights

Forest Green
Wool Crawling Tights - Grey MelangeWool Crawling Tights - Grey Melange

Wool Crawling Tights

Grey Melange

Benefits of wool tights:

  • Rubber pads on the knees, under the feet and on the toes provide stability on all surfaces
  • Strengthens the child's motor skills, balance, and self-confidence
  • Made of soft temperature-regulating wool that feels comfortable on the delicate baby skin
  • Extra durable on the knees and soles
  • Tested and approved for harmful substances
  • Danish design produced in Europe and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified


Crawling tights in wool give the child a good start when starting to crawl and walk. The tights are made from soft superwash wool with a wide ribbed waist band for great movability and comfort. The non-slip soles, rubber pads on the knees and on top of the toes provide stability on all surfaces and make the tights extra durable. The non-slip rubber pads provide support both when the child is starting to crawl and trying to get up and take their first steps.


Wool is temperature-regulating. In a warm environment the wool leads the heat away from the body, so that the child is kept dry instead of sweaty, while in the cold environment it isolates the heat that the body emits and thus keeps the child warm and comfortable. In addition, the wool has a sun-protecting effect and serves as a natural UV filter. The wool can also absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water without feeling wet.